Château gromel bel-air

Château Gromel Bel-Air, with its 40 hectares of vineyards, is located in the town of Périssac, close to the renowned appellations of Pomerol and Saint-Émilion. The vineyard’s soil, composed of limestone, chalk, and clay, allows for the production of round and powerful red wines primarily from Merlot. Cabernet Sauvignon, grown in a dedicated plot, contributes structure and freshness to the wine. Vinification and aging are overseen by our oenologist in a completely renovated and modern cellar. Our wines are crafted in state-of-the-art stainless steel tanks and then aged in our French oak barrel cellar, imparting complexity and finesse to our wines.

Château Gromel Bel-Air is a fruity and spicy wine with intense aromas and an elegant tannic structure. In the mouth, the wine is perfectly balanced and offers an excellent value for quality and pleasure. More than just a nectar, Château Gromel Bel-Air proudly embodies our values: respect for the terroir and accessibility for a wide audience. Since 2009, a selection has been made in the vineyard to produce the Eva Cuvée, both in white and red. This wine is crafted from carefully chosen vineyard plots known for their quality

A medal-winning wine

Château Gromel Bel-Air,
Bordeaux Supérieur

2018 : Médaille d’Or Féminalise 2020, Médaille d’Argent Challenge International du Vin 2020, Médaille d’Or Sakura 2020 et Médaille d’Or Gilbert & Gaillard 2020

2017 : Médaille d’Or Gilbert & Gaillard 2019

2016 : Médaille d’Or Gilbert & Gaillard 2018, Médaille d’Argent Los Angeles 2018 et Médaille d’Argent Bordeaux 2018

Château Gromel Bel-Air Cuvée Eva Rouge, Bordeaux Supérieur

2017 : Médaille d’Or Guide Hachette 2020

– 2016 : Médaille d’Or Paris 2018, Médaille d’Argent Challenge International du Vin 2018, Médaille d’Argent Bordeaux 2018, Médaille d’Argent Lyon 2018 et Médaille d’Argent Frankfurt 2018

Cuvée Eva Blanc, Bordeaux

2021 : 97/100 Decanter

2018 : Médaille d’Or Féminalise 2019

2017 : Médaille d’Argent Frankfurt 2018

2016 : Médaille d’Or Lyon 2017