Nos métiers

 «To make our wines financially accessible to the public consumer»

Our primary profession and that which is our strength, our reputation and speciality, is wines "bottled at the chateau".
This activity represents 73% of our production. We bottle around 7 million bottles per annum and choose meticulously our sub-contract bottling companies; we are equally meticulous in the purchase of our " dry goods" ( bottles, capsules etc), in order to guarantee a tracability and quality of all our products.
Our brokers, who constantly search for good deals in the whole Bordeaux (and other) areas, ensure that we are able to offer the best choice and prices to our clients.
In addition, the solid relationships we have built with our growers in the last 30 years have enabled us to guarantee the exclusivity of our permanent range products, offering a quality and volume guarantee in several Appellations in Bordeaux.

"The wine is the genius of man"

Truly creative, we label your bottles to order, create your original Brands and elaborate Tables wines, Vin de Pays and AOC wines to match your markets and the demands of your clients.
We are attentive to your requirements to reproduce or create your own labels and Brands, to ensure your projects conform to all the norms and produce your orders quickly.
Our selection of "Petits Chateaux", bottled in the Region of Production, enables us to propose to you competitively priced wines amongst the best on the market.
We have a permanent stock of more than 1.5 million bottles which are ready to be delivered to the French Market and between 48 and 72 hours notice.
The bottling in our own chais or those of our sub-contracted partners enables our resident oenologists to ensure the quality of the wines we produce and to guarantee your satisfaction.
As creators, we take great care to reply to all your demands.

" A well chosen wine gives a better taste of things" ( Jancis Robinson)

The Wine guides and competitions, which give and added value, are more and more numerous. These citations and medals enables the consumer to make the right choice when he has not had the opportunity of tasting the wine. We have carefully selected a range of wines from all appellations in Bordeaux and for which we have received some of the most prestigious "Palmares".
As our profession is to discover and bring to the attention of our clients wines which offer total satisfaction, we are constantly tasting new wines in order to find the " little gems " which enable us to " stand out from the crowd".

" Man chooses a wine as he chooses his friend; not by obligation but by choice"

Our CV could not be complete without mentioning our role as Producer/ Recoltant.
Our Chateau Gromel Bel Air, situated in Bonzac in the Fronsac area of Bordeaux, extends to 18 hectares in the Bordeaux Superieur appellation.
We apply tried and tested principles to the work in the vineyard and to the harvesting of the crop.
The "vinification" and ageing are controlled closely by our oenologists who use modern, cutting- edge, techniques to produce a wine with intense aromas and elegant, tannic structure.
Chateau Gromel Bel Air is the result of a calculated extraction of fruit married to an ageing in oak barrels. We are meticulous in our choice of barrels and use both French and American oak to ensure a complexity of aromas and in using close-grained oak we can be sure of the finesse and elegance of the tannins.
As good as nectar, our wine is the confirmation of our care values; respect for the prestigious Appellation that it carries and determined to please everybody.